Best Demolition Hammer For Concrete Breaking

All of us have ever heard a very famous proverb “It is easier to ruin something than to create”, but this “easier” may easily be turned into “difficult” due to the hard, rough or concrete surfaces, pavements, sidewalks and so on. However, nothing is possible when a right tool is used for the task assigned. Here to your assistance goes a demolition hammer that will make the process of demolition faster. In this article you may find best demolition hammers reviews based on the following features, such as: capability, usability, safety and a default set of accessories. The selected range of this tool reviews will meet the industrial and home work needs; your task is just to make a choice according to the personal requirements.

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker W/Case, Gloves

This jackhammer is effective and powerful in activities such as trenching; demolition; moving foundation-concrete-slab-oil chimney as easily as possible without any hitches. It has the advantage of an input motor of 2200 watt. Women can easily use this tool because of its lightweight nature of 15kg whenever the chord is not attached. It has the capability to make up 1400 blows per minute. It also goes with some useful accessories that facilitate its workability. These are Blowmod Case, 1-1/8” Bull point chisel, Haxagon Bar Wrench and has the capability to handle a voltage of 120V/60Hz.


  • Input motor of 2200 watt;
  • Weighs 15 Kgs;
  • Make blows of 1400/min;
  • Handle a voltage of 120V/60Hz;
  • Safety goggles;
  • A hexagon Bar Wrench;
  • A case.

Whenever the machine is being used, there is no load speed. It is a heavy-duty machine that is packed with the other implements for the accomplishment of the duty assigned. The operator is supposed to wear protective gear at all times. As for the warranty and any assistance needed, the purchaser can obtain the information from the dealer whose contacts are on the company website. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack is 46 pounds in weight and the dimensions are 13.8×31.1×8.3 inches. The certification of this machine is internationally acclaimed and all the customer’s needs will be satisfied.

TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer with Point, Flat and Spade Scoop Shovel Chisels Bits, 4-Piece Set

This great heavy-duty product can be used on all the rigid surfaces, such as concrete floors, moreover it can also penetrate through clay. It has a wide range of accessories that are included by default: a chisel that is hex pointed, oil container, flat chisel, safety goggles for the eye protection, gloves are made of suede and finally, oil/ repair wrenches. It can be carried around in a blow-molded case which has the protection of rollers and metal clips which are durable. This product is unique among the other due to its quality and durability. The 11-amp motor has the capability to give a striking force of 1,800 blows per minute.


  • 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle;
  • Dual ball bearing armature;
  • 1,800 blows per minute;
  • Double insulated plug;
  • 11 AMP motors;
  • Safety gloves;
  • Safety goggles for protecting the operator’s eyes.

The main and valuable advantage of this jackhammer is the ability to continuously deliver for 176 hours without any indications of slowing down. It is an internationally recognized machine and the security is proved by ELT certification. Its cables are made of rubber that makes it weather resistant.

TR Industrial TR89305 60 Joules Electric Jack Hammer for Demolition, Graphite

This is a TR Industrial product which is more powerful than the other in this range. Its power is 60 joules of the required impact with regard to the energy that delivers maximum performance. Without the weight of the power cord and chisel, it weighs the designated weight of all the jack hammers which is 35lbs. It has the ability to have a longer life based on the high-strength modus gear. This jack hammer is mainly manufactured for heavy duty operations even from the look of its metal composition. The design of this jack hammer ensures that the operator is free from easy harm since the UL listed; power cord has been elongated to more than 20 ft and the insulating plug has which accompanies a demolition hammer, been doubled, which makes the extension cords irrelevant.


  • Production an energy impact of 60 joules which is equivalent to 42.2 ft lbs which ensures efficient and effective performance;
  • The 1800 BPM the machine works with ensures faster demolition work;
  • The metal housing of this machine is all metal built which ensures that heavy duty assignments are attacked with precision;
  • 20-ft extra-long UL listed power cord is safe to use and has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions because it is insulated;
  • Fully certified by the licensing body-ETL.

This hammer has the ability to make blows of an amazing 1800 BPM, making the demolition work an easier and faster task. The quality standards of this hammer are guaranteed just by the fact of the ETL listing mark. Before it reaches the market, it has to undergo thorough tests as per the safety requirements of UL. The known accessories pack for this jack hammer include: flat and bull-point chisel, working gloves, which are suited for the job because of their tough nature, and a custom made molded case that has the wheels to make transportation easier. With regard to other TR-300 series of this jack hammer, other accessories are offered at TR Industries upon your request, but they require an extra payment.

Makita HM1812X3 70 Advanced AVT Breaker Hammer with 1-1/8″ Hex, 4-Piece Steel Set and Premium Cart, 70 lb

This type of a breaker hammer has been designed in a special way in the sense that it can be able to hit hard but with a minimum vibration. To be precise, the HM18 model is constructed to be able to hit an air. It has a motor that contains 15 AMP with an ability to give a delivery of 73.9 joules, which is equivalent to 53.9 ft.lbs.

This hammer has the advantage of less and almost no vibration. The main feature of this hammer is the most current Advanced AVT Technology. It therefore contains a three-component system which is synchronized enabling it to reduce the vibration. The components are:


  • Internal vibration absorbing house;
  • Internal mechanical counterbalance system;
  • The fixed movement handles and additionally;
  • Automatic brush cut-off of commutator;
  • Efficient 15AMP motor with the ability to deliver 53.9 ft lbs which is equivalent to handle the challenging situations and applications.

Internal vibration absorbing house, internal mechanical counterbalance system and the fixed movement handles are specifically designed for the reduced vibration in the advent of concrete breaking.

Makita HM1111C AVT Demolition Hammer

It has the ability to deliver compact power with reduced vibration accompanied with the other features for demolition and clipping applications. HM1111C is run by a motor which is 14 AMP that has 12.7 ft.lbs. of energy in terms of impact. It is equipped with Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) and also has a handle which enhances comfort since it reduces the vibration.


  • L.E.D indicators that make it possible to ensure power alerts and service;
  • Speed control that is constant;
  • Soft start;
  • Constant speed control automatically enables additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load;

This tool would be a great solution for chipping, which include removal of surplus concrete arising from an over-pour; pulling up tiles and laminate flooring; chipping into wall penetrations; excavating hard dirt during hardscaping landscaping among the other assignments.

Makita’s AVT is the exclusive in its own right because this technology offers an internal counterbalance system which has been internalized into the machine to deal with the reduction of vibration. This, in essence, offers great comfort when the machine is in its application mode. The AVT solution is available in all their machines which range from 1” rotary hammers all the way to a 70 lb breaker hammer.

The machine’s ability to control speed enables it to increase the motor power needed to accomplish the designated jobs that could be challenging in nature. The soft start ensures that during start up the effect is suppressed to improve the needed accuracy and enhanced control. For a greater and improved versatility, there is need for variability in speed. The work of the L.E.D service light is the advance notification of the user before any replacement of the brushes is done. This could be as long as 8 hours before the replacement materializes. The work of the L.E.D power light is the indication of any failures in the switch or damage in the cords.

Hitachi H45MEY-J1 1150 W 240 V SDS-Max Brushless Demolition Hammer – Green/Black

Hitachi H45MEY-J1 1150 is a model of a demolition hammer with a huge motor that has a capacity of 1150W and which has the ability to produce an impact rate of 1430-2850/min and some 8.5 joules in energy. When delivered, it comes alongside a Bull Point SDS Max chisel loaded in a case and a side handle. It is important to note that whenever a generator is used, it should not have a throttle that increases the speed since the generator could bring damage to the power tool. There are two types that come in 110V and 240V models.


  • Powerful hammer for demolition that has a motor which is brushless;
  • Low maintenance because the machine does not have a field coil, commutator and brushes;
  • A back handle which absorbs the vibration;
  • Has variable speed since there is a provision for constant speed control.

The Hitachi H45MEY-J1 1150 weighs 12 Kgs with a dimension of 60x40x15 cm. this product comes in two colors namely green and black. The additional components are one Hitachi hammer drill; one Bull Point; one side handle and a carry case.

Bosch 11321EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

The Bosch 11321EVS SDS-max® Demolition Hammer is a tool which is equipped with 13.0 AMP that makes the delivery of work easier. This machine can deliver 6.1 ft. lbs in terms of impact and 2,900 BPM to the maximum. The degree of its vibration throughout the day is commendable despite its weight of only 13lbs.


  • Constant response in the case of an under load in the circuit;
  • It has smooth starts;
  • Has overload protection;
  • Carry case.

Vario-lock positioning permits the rotary motion and the lockdown of the chisel with the accuracy that is so desired by the operator. In the case of Auto-Max variable speed dial, the operator is in a position to equal the power and the application that ranges between 1,300 BPM and 2,900 BPM. The SDS-Max chuck system offers a provision for tool-free bit alterations. In the case of the Service Minder, the light is an indication that there is a need for maintenance. The unique thing about the demo hammer is that it has a 360 degrees auxiliary handle which rotates and also for increased comfort during operation, the rear handle is padded.

DEWALT D25899K 21 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer

It is specifically designed to be applicable in demolition, chipping and chasing applications especially in a variety application in masonry. This mostly covers materials such as bricks, stone and concrete. DEWALT D25899K 21 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer is a heavy-duty machine with a 14.0 Amp motor which offers protection in terms of an overload and at the same time delivers power for high performance.


SDS Max tool holder that has rubber dampers which facilitate insertion and ejection of the SDS Max chisel;

Side handle with an ability to do a 360 rotation and more so, it is adjustable;

A chisel indexing dial which ensures that the chisel rotates accurately to any of the given 12 different positions;

Non-air pumping beat;

Spring-loaded dust seals that offers protection to the machine since it shields the dust from entering it during operation;

A large switch that facilitates an on and off operation and one finger operation in application.

DEWALT D25891K SDS MAX Demo Hammer

This machine has the ability to minimize vibration to up to 50% because of its active vibration control. In the maximization than makes it an instrument machine for the assignment. This machine a side lock-on switch which makes the application of the machine less cumbersome and easy to use. The switch can be easily accessed because of the modular design. These designs facilitate ease access of the brushes, cord set, motor, switch and the gear case. All these features will enable the operator to enjoy the service experience.


  • 15ft-lbs of impact energy;
  • 15 Amp;
  • Variable impact control;
  • SHOCKS-Active vibration control of up to 50%;

DEWALT D25891K SDS MAX Demo Hammer comes in yellow color and has a standard weight of 7.14 pounds and has dimensions of 16.3×24.4×6.7 inches. This product utilizes corded-electric energy to operate. As a proper promise to the customers, it has a warranty of three years.

To sum up we want to add that nowadays it is difficult to make a right decision because the market offers a wide range of products. We do really hope that our reviews have helped you to find the solution that satisfies all your requirements for demolition hammer. Jack hammers for demolition are great tool to have the heavy tasks done with the minimum efforts; but what we would like to highlight it is the safety, don’t forget to protect yourself every time while dealing with demolition hammers.

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